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La Loteria is a uniquely Mexican game based on a set of iconographic images that have come to be ubiquitous in that country. The game is something of a cross between Bingo and Tarot, and can be played in more or less complicated ways with leanings towards either one.

The icons of the Loteria deck are apt visual representations of Mexican syncretism, an engaging embrace of the sacred and the profane from across cultures, unselfconsciously mixed together. They are derived from the mythological and mystical, as well as the mundane. They represent “types” from daily life—The Drunk, The Lady, The Gentleman—cultural archetypes such as The Indian, The Cowboy and The Dancer, and mystical and mythological figures from both indigenous and European traditions including La Sirena, La Muerte, La Calavera, and El Diablito. They also represent mystical and mythological symbols such as The Rose, The Star, The Tree, The Cactus, and The Heart, or objects of day-to-day life such as The Pitcher, The Pear, and The Flowerpot. Loteria images have been interpreted and reinterpreted in myriad ways throughout Mexico.

Shortly after returning from a visit to Oaxaca, I was unable to access my studio for a period of time and so began playing with table-top art. With The Loteria’s bold imagery in my head, I began thinking about a personal iconography—from family (El Tío; La Tía; Las Sobrinas; Los Abuelos; La Fénix; Los Ingenieros), from my experience in Mexico (Las Solteras; Las Chicas Mala, Buena and Real; La Gringa), from my influences and heroes (La Música; La Diosa del Sexo; El Príncipe Negro; El Mentor), and from my own day-to-day life (El Ajo; El Café; El Tampón; La Bra; La Thong; El Pendiente) among other things—and developed La Loteria Mia (My Loteria). It has become an ongoing dialogue with Mexico, with life, with friends and family. La Loteria Mia gives form to irony, understanding and misunderstanding, appreciation, friendship, and magic; it is a small celebration of the minutiae, both cherished and quotidian, of feminine existence.

— Susana Montana



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